O C E A N 3 D    T E C H N O L O G Y
is the way the ocean lives in 3D
F e a t u r e s


Ocean3D Technology allows to move line of horizon till 100 kilometers from the viewer point and even farther. It is especially useful when clear weather condition is simulated.


Ocean3D Technology supports all three standard fog modes. It allows you to use oceanic surface seamless with your world.

Curve surface

To be one more step nearby to the reality, oceanic surface can be curved. In this case it becomes a part of the Earth's sphere and looks more natural.


All we know that water is transparent medium. But in real life water always has an impurity that decreases water transparency. Opacity always changes and depends on the weather, time of the year, state of environment and etc. Ocean3D Technology gives you ability to simulate this option to control your ocean transparency.


In water reflexion your sight can be caught reflexion of stars, clouds, the sun and the moon, ships and their onboard fires. Ocean3D Technology gives you ability to simulate reflection in different ways - from 2 dimensional textures to cubemaps.

Water color

The color of water is superposition of different parameters. It depends on a water transparency, reflection, color of an ocean floor, time of day and etc. As all those components have their own simulation, here we basically understand it as an impurity color. And you can change it from warm equatorial water's colors to cold colors of North seas.

Wind force and direction

Give the force to the wind and direct it where you want. The wind direction specifies where waves will run. The wind force - as long and high they will become.

Wave crests

Natural looking waves must have sharp crests. Ocean3D Technology gives a tool to control waves sharpness.


Whenever wind is strong, sea becomes covered by foam. Ocean3D Technology simulates this behaviour. This diversifies the water surface and deepens feeling of reality.

Beaufort states

Ocean3D Technology has a predefined parameters list for simulation of all Beaufort states of the sea.

Multi monitor view

Having two, three, five or more computers it is possible to make synchronization between them to get one wide view with the highest FPS rate. Mostly it is actual for sea and flight training simulators.

Realtime parameters

With CUDA support Ocean3D Technology allows you to change and apply all parameters in realtime. This makes smooth all transitions between oceanic states.

Physics support

Ocean3D Technology allows to calculate and visualize influence on water surface.
Ocean3D Technology allows to calculate forces of influence of the water environment on objects of any forms. *

Used technology

Ocean3D Technology relies on OpenGL v. 1.5 and CUDA technologies.


The most qualitative realtime water surface can be reached only with CUDA support - today there are no other compromises. However Ocean3D Technology allows to simulate oceanic surface and without CUDA support. Despite the fact that not all parametres can be applied immediately and the water surface geometry is strongly simplified, quality of a picture still enough high, as for the equipment of not having support CUDA. Comparison of the water quality with/without CUDA you can see at the pictures to the right. compare cuda 1 compare cuda 2

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