O C E A N 3 D    T E C H N O L O G Y
is the way the ocean lives in 3D

Ocean3D Evaluation Demo

Open New Gaming Horizons with Ocean3DTechnology

Now having Ocean3DTechnology it is so easy to visualise natural looking waves, it is so simple to increase a feeling of reality, to get a more exciting playing experience. Simply take it now and extend your world!

Start building the next gaming experience Right Now!

With the detailed comments on the source code it is so easy to catch how to use Ocean3DTechnology that you can start the library integration into your application almost the same day you got it. Because of the whole library integration is done in one source file, there no more to do than copy and paste that file into your engine with the appropriate adaptation.

Ocean3DTechnology SDK comes as Ocean3DEvaluationDemo. It includes:

  • Ocean3DInteractive_evaluation * library (Debug/Release)
  • a reference demo application **
  • sources of the reference demo application (c++, MS VS 8.0)

    *   -  Ocean3DInteractive_evaluation library implements Ocean3D Technology; some functionalities are restricted
    ** -  reference demo application is built on open source engine OSG



To get your download account on Ocean3DTechnology evaluation demo you shall write us request.


Whether you're just evaluating or a licensed customer, please feel free to contact us at: support@ocean3dinteractive.com
Remember - you'll receive a quick response directly from engineers.

Ask your question : support@ocean3dinteractive.com

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