O C E A N 3 D    T E C H N O L O G Y
is the way the ocean lives in 3D

What is Ocean3D Technology?

Ocean3D Technology is a collection of program algorithms, mathematics and methods of physics for visualisation of a natural water surface in real time. It means that having this technology, you have the top-quality simulation of water which is accessible for today.

Why do you need it?

This is the way :
      - to be on the cutting edge of next generation titles;
      - to have predictable result;
      - to decrease development project time;
      - to decrease project human resources;
      - to reduce project budget

3D industry very quickly moves forward. To be competitive and to be outstanding in the number of other titles each project should has a lot of meaningful features. To make something essential, it is necessary to spend enough time and human resources; in addition it can demand a lot of research work. And the result nevertheless is unpredictable. On the other hand all is already made. You already have that you see, and you can already use it right now. And the team does following steps to project development - it does the game!

Can I try Ocean3D Technology with my engine?

Yes. You are able right now to start integrating Ocean3D Technology with your engine and to evaluate the final result. Ocean3D Technology is delivered with the Ocean3DInteractive_evaluation library. All it comes with Ocean3DEvaluationDemo.

How long does it take to integrate Ocean3D Technology?

Usually it takes one or two days. In specific or unusual cases it can take till one week; mostly it depends from engine architecture. The fastest way to start the integration is to start with the reference example - Ocean3DEvaluationDemo, as described in the section below.

How do I start integrating Ocean3D Technology with my engine?

A good way to get started is to skim through Ocean3DEvaluationDemo sources. This demo uses an open source engine OSG and illustrates how easy the integration of Ocean3D Technology is. Because of all integration points are located in one source file, it can be easily transferred to your application with appropriate changes, and integration is over.

What kind of technical support do we get?

All technical support for Ocean3D Technology is handled by developers. To get fastest answers on your questions, contact to them directly at support@ocean3dinteractive.com.

Business, sales, and marketing questions should be sent to sales@ocean3dinteractive.com

How much does Ocean3D Technology cost?

For current prices please refer to our sales page .

What is the process for licensing and obtaining Ocean3D technology?

As soon as a license agreement has been signed and payment has been received by Ocean3DInteractive, the licensed software will be added to your download account.

Ask your question : support@ocean3dinteractive.com

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